(Comic no GCJ-783) a Dramatic love story of Saffire and Andy, (updated) Andy is Danny's tycoon friend. one night they go to the Moulin Rouge. they have their first glass of Absenthe And get lost in the world of Moulin Rouge. Andy Later meets Saffire, Saffire thinks that he is the duke but is wrong, the duke being Ziddler's Investor. Saffire now must make a choice between Andy, and the Duke, This won't be an easy choice.(further more on the story as it develops)

Vehicles AppearingEdit

AMC Gremlin*

1949 Bond Minicar Mark A*

Bond Minicar Mark D**

Cadillac DeVille DTS*

2001 Daewoo Lanos S*

Divco 206 Milk Truck**

1992 Eagle Summit*

1998 Ford Crown Victoria****(Danny's Car)

2001 Ford Crown Victoria CVTD Taxicab*

1976 Ford LTD****(Christina's Car)

Jiangnan Alto**

1977 Lada 1600 (2106)* (currently under construction)


Glock 17L (currently under construction),


There Was a Boy
Come What May

Kissing You

Tango de Roxanne, El

One Day I'll Fly Away

Your Song

Because We Can

Lady Marmalade

Elephant Love Melody