TSWM (comic no.ABC-876) Here, Danny has been frozen for 2 Months, he is unthawed to battle his arch-namesis Dr.Evil, he teams up with Vanessa Kennsington. Danny trying to impress her, fight off Assasins hired by Dr.Evil, and set out to Catsville's Beautiful Entertainment District. later infiltrate Virtucon,and battle Dr.Evil

Vehicles AppearingEdit

AC Invacar*

Aston Martin DBS*

1948 Austin A40 10cwt. Van*

Bristol Loadekka FLF*

1951 Bond Minicar Mark B*

Bond Minicar Mark C*

Bond Minicar Mark D*

Bond Minicar Mark D Hardtop*

1997 Chrysler Town & Country**

1965 Cadillac Fleetwood 75**

Crown Forklift**

Clark CT*

1998 Caterpillar CB-634*

1997 Caterpillar CB-634**

Caterpillar CS-533*

1965 Daimler Fleetline**

Elgin Pelican*

2000 Ford Crown Victoria*

2001 Ford Crown Victoria CVTD Taxicab*

1990 Ford F-150*

GEM E2**

1961 Jaguar E-Type****

1978 Krupp Bagger 288*

Krupp Bagger 288**

Morris Minor Convertible*

Morris Minor Pickup*

1957 Morris Minor 1000*

Morris Mini Cooper S*

1972 MG B GT*

Nissan Xterra**

Piaggio Vespa*

1996 Plymouth Voyager*

TCM Forklift*

Taylor-Dunn Aristocrat FT2-80**

Taylor-Dunn Electruck**

Taylor-Dunn Model B*

Taylor-Dunn Model B*

Taylor-Dunn Model B**

Taylor-Dunn Step Saver*

Taylor-Dunn Step Saver*

Taylor-Dunn Burdenmaster B2-10**

Taylor-Dunn C-432*

White Horse Milk Truck*


Beretta M12

Beretta 92SB

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket


Glock 17

IMI Desert Eagle

Luger P08

Smith & Wesson Model 19
Skorpion SA-VZ-61

Walther PPK


Secret Agent Man

Call Me

The Look Of Love

What The World Needs Now