(Comic #241KHV171819) 2010, When Danny buys a new computer,

he creates many rumors, Such as: The mayor spending the street repair fund on a secret Milk Pool for himself, Flu shots having mind controlling additives,Seth Green Selling uranium to terrorists, etc. when he stumbles upon the flu shot article, he is kidnapped, and taken to an unknown island where he is imprisoned for knowing about the flu shots, however he steals a literbox, and makes his way back to Catsville, and defeats the "oddballs" on the island.

Vehicles Appearing:Edit

1991 Cadillac DeVille*

Chevrolet G-20* (Channel 6 News Truck)

Chevrolet G-30* (Dairy News Truck)

1998 Ford Crown Victoria*****(Danny's Car)

1976 Ford LTD****(Christina's Car)

1958 Ford Edsel**

Grumman Kurbmaster** (Catsville F.B.I.)

Peterbilt 359**

1958 Tri-Wheel Motor Corperation Thrift-T**






Webley Bulldog

Webley Mk.I

Lebel M1892

Springfield Armory M79

Steyr AUG

Mossberg 500

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