(Comic #GF117) 2009, when Mya forgets Christina's birthday, she gets a Krusty doll at the last minute, turns out, the doll is evil, and is bent on killing Christina, but when Mya see's, she calls the "KLOWN FIXERS". they show Mya that the doll was simply switched to evil by accident.

==Vehicles Appearing:


1940 AAC 815*

1997 Buick Century*

Bond Minicar Mark F*

Boyertown P-Series***(KLOWN FIXERS)

Boyertown Merchandiser M-129*

Clark Forklift*(Mya's Forklift)

Corbin Sparrow*

1991 Chevrolet Caprice* (CVTD Taxicab)

Chevrolet Walk-Thru*

Dodge St. Regis*

1993 Dodge Utilimaster Aeromate*

Daimler DMS Fleetline*

El-Trans Mini El City*

Elgin Pelican**

1976 Ford LTD****(Christina's car)

1985 FMC Pemfab Pumper*

1990 Honda Caren*

1955 Inter 175 A Berline*

1964 Peel Trident*

1964 Peel Trident*

1964 Verro City

Wayne Sweeper*

1940 Wayne Sweeper **

2006 ZAP Xebra Xero**


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