The Alien (Comic No.BC-341) 2010. Christina is sure that Irkens are real, so she goes out searching for one. she finds an old abandoned building christina goes to the top floor where she finds an Irken named Tak,stuffing her face with popcorn and grieving about how she used to be famous from 1950 to 1978. Christina meets her and is extremely suprised that she found an irken so quickly. Christina makes Tak confident enough to the top, Tak gets infront of a stage overlooking the "Catsville Square" (an area where cats socialize and drive around) Tak sings her number 1 fav,"Ain't no mountain high enough" by Diana Ross and the Supremes. cats get out of there cars and gather all around her, cheering her on, Basically, making Tak famous again, now she has the best quote from Christina, "anyone can be famous, you just have to believe"

Vehicles AppearingEdit

1970 AC Invacar Model 70*

1938 Airomobile*

1953 Autonacional Biscuter 100*

1957 BMW Isetta**

1958 BMW Isetta*

1991 Cadillac DeVille*

1988 Ford Crown Victoria*

FMC 984*

1976 Ford LTD****(Christina's Car)
1980 GMC Vandura*

1992 Geo Metro Wagon*

1958 Heinkel Kabine 153*

1991 Lincoln Town Car***(Tak's car)

1957 Messerschmitt KR-200*

1965 Peel Trident*


none in this episode.