Saffire Yukon

Saffire Yukon (Age 20)
is Danny Yukon's little sister, and Carmella Yukon's Daughter.


Early Life:
Saffire was unlucky as an adolesent, and lived in poverty with her big brother Danny, and their Mother, One day her mother found a five dollar bill on the street, and she decided to buy a Lottery Ticket, the grand prize was $1,000,000 Saffire and Danny gathered around their mother to watch her scratch the off Card, and after amazing luck, they won. They were overjoyed, and did not need to live in homeless shelters, or worry about housing of the CVPD Homeless Outreach Division. Danny was able to buy a Penthouse in the beautiful, and colourful Triangle District, in Catsville's Metro Borough, while Saffire lived on City Island in the Borough of Brinx, she later moved to Las Veleda to pursue her career of exhilarating nightlife, and the best place to do this was in Las Veleda (What happens in Veleda, stays in Veleda) She found a home in City Aliante near Bone County, and has lived there ever since. She is currently a Can-Can Dancer at the Moulin Rouge.

CVPD Crime Record:

2006 - Fake I.D.

LVPD Crime Record:

Age: 20

Place of Birth: Borough of Metro, Catsville

Current Residence: City Alliante, Las Veleda


2011 - Solicitation of Gambling
2012 - D.U.I.
2012 - Kiss Kat Activity

LVPD Notes:
Currently a Burlesque dancer at the Moulin Rouge Night Club

Recently moved from the Borough of Queens, Catsville to Las Veleda.

Sister of Patrol Officer Yukon of the CVPD's Midtown North Precinct of Metro Catsville.

Involved in Illegal Kiss Kat Activities

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