(CCC-Comic #GT17hh) The very first comic made on Computer, a new video game is coming to Catsville, made by Rockstar Games (Not Really) called "Grand Theft Scratchy" It's up to Mya, Christina, and Teeny to literally go inside the video game, and turn the horrors of Grand Theft Scratchy,(Practically the same as Grand Theft Auto,) into a game "anyone can play" a hand drawn version will be made, (Currently Under Construction)..

Vehicles Appearing:Edit

2002 Cadillac Esacalde*

2003 Cadillac Esalade**

Excalibur Series VII**

1976 Ford LTD****

2001 Ford Crown Victoria CVPD Police**

Workhorse P42**

(Currently Under Construction)


IMI Mini-Uzi

(Currently Under Construction)

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