Picture 051

Teeny Driving The Girls around in danny's car

Mr. Teeny (Age 11) is danny's pet monkey. Danny found teeny roaming the streets of catsville.Teeny is a very shy chimp.He Does not talk,but is very nice.

Mr.Teeny is commonly seen with a cigarette in his mouth.He wears a purple bowtie and a cup-shaped hat.This monkey is quite the ladies

man.He takes the girls out for a night on the town.Sometimes driving danny's car.

Teeny owns a White 1957 Velam Isetta

CVPD Crime Record:

2009: Speeding

2009: Wreckless Endangerment

2009: Taking over a Date

2010: Taking over a Date

2011: Smoking a Cigar without a Lisence

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