Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson (Age 27)
is a friend of Danny's, and works at the Starland Hotel in the Borough of Metro. He currently resides in the Northwood Housing Projects in Northwood, Metro.

Personal LifeEdit

Marcus Johnson was born into poverty, and lived in the Colony Projects in the Borough of Gypsy for a short time as a young adult. He worked at a Cluckin' Bell in Gypsy for a short time, then, as a front desk clerk at the Indian Inn in Cerveza Heights, Gypsy. He was made an offer by the owner of the Starland Hotel, Dick Cook, to work as a front desk operator there, after Dick had gone to the Inn and was impressed with Marcus's attitude, and service. Marcus accepted the offer, and moved to the Northwood Housing Projects in the Borough of Metro, where he met Danny Yukon, and they became good friends. Marcus commonly goes to Romano's Bar in Queens with Danny, Jim, and Isaiah.

CVPD RecordEdit

Age: 27

First Name: Marcus

Surname: Johnson

Place of Birth: Glenwood City, Gypsy

Current Residence: Northwood, Metro


2001 - Fake I.D.


  • Currently works at the Starland Hotel, Borough of Metro

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