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Just Another Sad Love Comic (Comic ep. #EK-427) 2010. When Jerry Meets A Cat Named Maya On the internet,jerry is suprised to find out that she is small person, they go out on a date, and find out they really do like each other, later, asking to propose to her, screws up by making to many offensive jokes about her, much to her anger, declines the proposal. Jerry later goes to Catsville General Hospital where he attempts to get surgery to be like Maya. Once she finds out about this she is too upset to be with him anymore, Jerry gives up on his idea. But pulls through in the end knowing that screwing up once is one thing, but knowing this person can love you again.
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Vehicles AppearingEdit

1975 AMC Pacer*

1980 Buick LeSabre*

1950 Bond Minicar Mark A*

2001 Chrysler Town & Country*

Chevrolet Lumina APV*

2001 Ford Crown Victoria*

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1993 Ford Taurus*

1995 Mercury Grand Marquis GS**** (Jerry's Car)

1996 Mercury Sable GS** (Maya's Car)

1973 Mercury Monarch*


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None in this comic episode.

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