Danny Yukon

Danny Rex Yukon
(Age 22) Is a Main Character in the Catsville Comic Series.


Growing up, Danny lived in a poverty-stricken family with his Mother, Carmella Yukon, and Sister, Saffire Yukon. They were very unlucky, and lived mostly in alleyways in The Brinx. Carmella was able to find a lone $5 Dollar Bill on the street, and used it to buy a Lottery Ticket, the Grand Prize was $1,000,000. By a random stroke of luck, They won. From there on in, The Yukon Family became rich, and Danny moved into the Starland Hotel, striking a deal with the owner to keep the Penthouse of the Hotel as his own residence, despite the establishment being a Hotel. Mya Schirocco later moved in with him from the Fiesta Apartments on City Island, Brinx. Danny later joined the Catsvillian Police Department, and is currently assigned to the CVPD's MTS Precinct in Midtown, Metro.