Christina Paris

Christina Paris (Age 20)
is an Adult Panther, and one of the main protagonists of the Catsville Series. She was roomates with her best friend, Mya at the Fiesta Apartments on City Island, Brinx. During the events of Taxi, she meets a cat named Nam Coronado, who soon becomes her friend, she now lives in an Upscale Apartment in the Borough of Metro, thanks to the help of her boyfriend, Danny Volare. She still frequently hangs out with Mya.


Christina was born in the Borough of Brinx. She went to Datsun Middle, and Datsun High School as a Teenager. When she turned 18, she, and Mya bought an Apartment at the Fiesta Apartments. She, along with Mya, met Danny Yukon in 2009, on a date, however when it was comicaly sabatoged by Mr. Teeny, the two became amused, and interested in Danny, and since then have struck up a friendship. However Mya is now Danny's girlfriend. On March 5th, 2007, Christina joined the International Courier Company, as a bike messanger, to earn some extra cash. She, set several speed records at the company. On January 5th, 2011, She registered to be a cab driver for the Catsvillian Taxicab Commision, and submitted her resume to TLC, and awaited for a response. Finally on February 15th, 2012, She got the answer she wanted, and was told to go to the TLC's Headquarters to register her Taxi License.


Christina is very mischievious, and occasionally gets into trouble, but this is made up for in her loyalty to her friends, and family, and those close to her. Since she has gotten her Taxi License, she aggresivley tears through the streets of Metro Catsville in a Taxi that has been modified to her likings, this has gotten her into much trouble, and surveillance by the CVPD.

Meeting Danny VolareEdit

Nam calls Danny, and tells him to Come to his Apartment in Gypsy, Once he arrives, Nam tells him that he felt bad for Danny, as he only has himself, and Tony Vincelloti for friends, he says that there is a girl named Christina, and wants him to meet her. Danny drives with Nam to her apartment in Cony Island, where he introduced them to each other, and leaves, Christina then invites him in, the two talk, and Danny eventually takes her out for their first date, after taking her out to a restaurant in The Triangle, Catsville, Danny drives her back home, where she asks fo his number, the two are now dating.

CVPD Database RecordEdit

Surname: Paris

First Name: Christina

Age: 20

Place of Birth: Borough of The Brinx

Current Residence: Star Square, Borough of Metro

Criminal Record:

2004 - Fake I.D.

2007 - Moving Violation

2007 - Possesion of Controlled Substance (Fun-Nip)

2012 - Moving Violation

2012 - Evading Arrest


  • Recently joined the CVTD, and is an authorized Cab Driver.
  • Believed to be involved with Underground Streetracing Circuts across the city.
  • Rumored to be involved with Nam Coronado.
  • Believed to have a Licensed Taxicab with illegal Modifications.

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