The Catsvillian Police Department is a large Law Enforcement agency located in the State of Catsville. It is considered to be the largest municipal Police force in the United States.

The CVPD's Headquarters are located at One Police Plaza, Metro. As of August, 2012, there are over 80,000 sworn Officers, and 5,978 Auxiliary Officers.

The CVPD has a wide array of Special services, such as the: Homeless Outreach Division, Traffic Enforcement, CVPD Highway Patrol, Task Force, Emergency Service Unit (ESU/ESS), Crime Scene Unit (CSU), Harbor Division, Marine Unit, Transit Bureau, Housing Bureau, Disorder Control Unit, TV/Movie Unit, Auxiliary Force, Bomb Squad, Counterterrorism Bureau, Special Operations Division, Communications Division, School Safety, Fleet Service Division (FSD), Aviation Division, Property Clerk Division, Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU), Building Maintence Section (BMS), Detective Division, Criminal Justice Bureau, Surface Transportation Enforcement District (STED), Community Affairs, and Headquarters Security.


17 Helicopters (Aviation Division)

23 Boats (Marine/Harbor Division)

10,786 Police Cars

189 Precincts

12 Transit Districts

10 Housing Areas

Rank StructureEdit

  1. Cadet
  2. Police Officer
  3. Police Officer Rank II
  4. Patrol Sergeant
  5. Detective: Grade 5
  6. Detective: Grade 4
  7. Detective: Grade 3
  8. Detective: Grade 2
  9. Detective: Grade 1
  10. Lieutenant
  11. Captain
  12. Deputy Inspector
  13. Deputy Chief
  14. Assistant Chief
  15. Bureau Chief
  16. Chief of Department


The Fleet Vehicles of the CVPD consist of Chevrolet Impalas, Crown Victorias, and several other RMPs'. The Paint on CVPD vehicles, is much like the NYPD's with two Blue Stripes, 'CVPD', and 'Respect, 'Professionalism', Courtesy' The CVPD changed the colour of their RMP's from mostly Blue, to Mostly White, in 1996.

Equipment and FirearmsEdit

CVPD officers carry a range of equipment. As a weapon of defense, ASPs are on most of the officer's utility belts. The standard issue police firearm is a Glock 22. This is used always. If an officer is disarmed, they will use their paws, and claws, to defend themselves. Some Officers carry Ithaca 37 Shotguns in some servere situations. Officers patrolling at places of high security such as Colony Island and the Canyon Island Prison facility, CVPD stations, and Airports, carry M4A1 Carbine rifles, and MP5Ks. All CVPD Officers carry personal radios to provide information, or call for backup.

Uniforms & ClothingEdit

Clothing varies due to weather. Officers on beat patrol are required to wear their 8-Point hat known as the 'Crown of Authority'. Officers in Motor Patrol are given the choice to do so. A typical officer wears a Navy button-down Duty shirt, and Navy colored Duty pants. On their duty belt they carry: Gun, and holser, Taser and/or Mace, Baton/Asp (Optional), Backup Radio, Magazine poutches, two sets of Pawcuffs, Pens, Notepad, Keys, Flashlight, Phone holder, small box of gloves (optional) and other equipment

Jurisdictional AuthorityEdit

The CVPD has one of the largest jurisdictions in Catsville.

Borough of Gypsy

Borough of Metro

City of Albany

Borough of Brinx

Borough of Staten Island

Borough of Queens

Freedom Island

Charge Island

Notable OfficersEdit

Danny Yukon (Patrol Officer I in the MTS Precinct)

Danny Volare (Grade 1 Detective in the 53rd Precinct)

Nam Coronado (Patrol Officer I in the 62nd Precinct)

John Carter (Grade 3 Detective in the 30th Precinct)

Barbara Cassidy (Lieutenant in the 30th Precinct)

Andrew Washburn (Grade 3 Detective in the 30th Precinct)

Kowalski (Chief of Police at One Police Plaza)