Arlene (Age 20) is a Can-Can Dancer, and a Cortesian at the Moulin Rouge. She comes to see danny (someimes every night). She Has a Crush on Danny.

Arlene Ji'queen Thompson.


Gold 1965 Pontiac GTO.

Quotes: (danny sitting in the GTO with Arlene over looking Catsville's Beautiful lights)

Arlene: a beautiful night...

Danny: yep

Arlene: want to make it special?

Danny:I sure Do !, but if i order one more pizza using Brian's Credit card he'll kill me..


CVPD Record:

2003 - Possesion Of Catnip

2004 - Fake I.D.

2006 - KK Activity

2007 - KK Activity

2008 - KK Activity

2011 - DUI

CVPD Crime Record:

2008: Suspected KK Activity

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